Spear point

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RÉF. LA191

Finishings :
  • Qualité standard
  • Qualité ''Grande Forge''
Dimension de pointe de lance :
125 mm x 45 mm. Ø base 25 mm
125 mm x 45 mm. Ø base 25 mm 140 mm x 60 mm. Ø base 35 mm 200 mm x 67 mm. Ø base 40 mm


Spearheads and trigger guards in “iron” hot forged with a rammer, allowing easy mounting by welding.

Certain references are protected by an international deposit of designs and models.

The ''Grande Forge Quality'' finish is made of cast steel, suitable for welding and galvanizing. This finish is intended for the most demanding customers.

Caractéristiques techniques

  • Type of products : Spear heads
  • Product main material : Steel